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HoloRam Rinusin

Paranasal sinuses Bio-regulator


HoloRam® Rinusin is an activator of the natural processes of defense, regulation of inflammation and preservation of the integrity and health of the tissues of the paranasal sinuses.


For a better understanding, we have grouped their components into four categories:

  • Group I. Phytotherapeutics and action substrates over the mucous membrane and the paranasal sinuses tissues: Eucalyptus dried extract (Eucalyptus globulus, leaves, 0.5% essential oils), 60 mg; Calendula dried extract (Calendula officinalis, seeds, >10% lutein), 35 mg; Echinacea died extract (Equinacia pupurea, above ground parts, >4% polyphenols) 35 mg; Thyme dried extract (Thymus vulgaris, leaf and flower, 0,2% thymol, 1,93% rosmarinic acid), 30 mg; Propolis dried extract (própolis, resin, >5% total flavonoids (Galagin)) 25 mg; Rosemary dried extract (Rosmarinus officinalis, leaves and flowering tops, >2% rosmarinic acid), 25 mg.
  • Group II. Amino acids: with effect on the microcirculation and the integrity of the epithelia. It contains: L-Arginine base, 35 mg; L-Glutamine, 35 mg; L-Tyrosine 15 mg.
  • Group III. Antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and immunomodulators: Turmeric dried extract (Curcuma longa, root, >95% curcumin), 45 mg; Mangosteen dried extract (Garcinia mangostana, fruit, 20% mangostin), 25 mg; beta glucans 70% (Avena satina, seeds, 70% beta glucans), 15 mg; Reishi dried extract (Ganoderma lucidum, fruiting body, 20% polysaccharides), 15 mg.
  • Group IV. Essential trace elements for the immune regulation in bacterial and viral infections: Zinc gluconate (14.35% zinc), 20 mg; Cooper gluconate (13.88% cooper) 0.75 mg.


HoloRam® Rinusin is a bio-regulator with carefully selected components mixed in the precise doses to achieve a synergy that enhances and activates information regulating the integrity, micro perfusion and immunity of the paranasal mucous membrane.

HoloRam® Rinusin also contributes to the regulation of the neuro-vegetative and microcirculatory balance of the delicate epithelium of paranasal sinuses, so affected today by environmental pollution, including electromagnetic contamination.


60 capsules of 520 mg.

Suggested use

It is recommended to take 2 capsules a day or according to a specialist's advice. 


Dietary supplements must not be used as substitutes of a varied and balanced diet. Do not exceed the recommended daily allowance. Keep out of children’s reach.